Slimming and Body Contour Skin Care

bikini Slimming and Body Contour Skin CareIt’s bikini season. This time of year many of us are doing more than shopping for bathing suits. We are shopping for wrap-around attire or swimsuit cover-ups. Why worry about cover ups? We can bare skin to be proud of this summer with a little help from a bottle.

We have spent the winter indoors. Our skin may be flaky, dull, or lack tone. Cellulite is another big concern for many women summertime approaches. We can get out of the winter blues and feel confident being in our own skin, no matter what time of the year it is.

Body contour products that fight cellulite and offer slimming effects have significantly improved the appearance of problem skin and body contour issues. Many times, cellulite or body contour creams did not perform well for some women, only because the preparation and after care recommendations were not met. In order for these products to work effectively, it is important to understand how to use them and when to use them.


Before using any contour product for the body, you must exfoliate. This way, we are closer to the skin’s surface where the ingredients from the products can penetrate the skin. Dry body brushing is one the cheapest and most effective methods of stimulating circulation, which is essential for normal body function. If your circulation is impaired, insufficient oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the cell, toxins are not removed efficiently and lymph fluid is not drained correctly. All this encourages fat and toxin build-up. When body brushing, brush firmly towards the heart, but be careful if you have any problem open wounds or other skin abrasions.


Slimming and body contour products need time to soak in and allow the ingredients to penetrate the skin. Apply them when you can block out a time period where you don’t put on clothes afterwards, so the clothing will not soak up the cream or lotion applied. Try a spa towel that wraps around your chest and hangs just above the upper thigh. The same rule applies to sitting or lying down after application. Depending on where you apply the cream, you can adjust your attire based on the area treated. For instance, if you are applying the slimming or body contour product to your thighs or buttocks, then lie down on your side or stomach or participate in standing activities. If you must wear clothing consider a fabric like lightweight gauze or silk so the product will not soak into the material. Try a loose fitting skirt or other clothing that will not rub or touch against the skin.


Now that you have what you need to know about preparation and aftercare, you can jump in and indulge with our recommended body contour and slimming products. We have found the best slimming products especially made for problem areas.

Bliss Carrot And Sesame Body Buff. This kit contains a carrot and sesame spa scrub and finishing foam. It smells yummy with honey and your skin will glow after the first application. The scrub will rid of dry bumps, blemishes, and rough spots. The finishing foam leaves a nice radiant shine, and the skin tone appears even and enhanced. The smell is pure bliss and the body looks fresher, cleaner, and healthier. This is a great prep for cellulite and body contour treatment, but you may find that this kit alone will do the trick.

Institut DERMed Body CelluliteRx LipoTherm Contour Cream is one of our best recommendations. It really did work at smoothing out rouge spots and dimpled areas. It detoxifies the excess water stored in fat cells that contain toxins, thereby reducing inflammation. This contour cream also regulates hormones, another element responsible for cellulite, and it contains natural stimulant remedies for these problem areas. The results are firm, toned, and healthy looking skin.

Alchimie Forever Q-switch Optimizing Body Contour Gel is perfect at slimming and contouring problem areas. We like the natural ingredients of ginger and marine algae. Marine alga is a form of penetrating collagen, an important component for rebuilding our skin. A special ingredient of Amazonian guarana stimulates and energizes the skin. We loved the results of this contour slimming cream. The legs, thighs, and buttocks are smooth and tight after just one use.

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