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Cosmetic tools are a necessity. It is just as important to use cosmetic tools, as it is to use a skin care product or cosmetic. Some cosmetic tools help you apply your cosmetics with precision. Others are stand-alone tools to repair or improve a cosmetic need. We have found a few good choices that compliment every cosmetic bag or purse.

Tweezerman Petite Tweezer Kit Red is contains two tweezers. One is for the brows and other facial hairs. The other tweezer is for removing splinters and other foreign debris. The pointed tweezer is specifically made for precise removal, giving you an edge on perfection. You never know when you are going to get a splinter or need the extra precision. Tweezerman also offers a lifetime guarantee and you mail in your tweezers for sharpening or other fixes. This is a great bargain considering it will last a lifetime.

Tweezerman Student Cuticle Nipper is perfect for trimming the cuticles and for those occasional hangnails we get. Hangnails are a hassle to get rid of if you are not at home to access your manicure kit. This is perfect for the cosmetic case and especially good at removing tough cuticles on the feet. This cuticle nipper will last a lifetime.

TALIKA Mini Eyelash Curler is small and convenient to carry in your cosmetic bag. It will heat your lashes in seconds and it isn’t bulky like the traditional oblong eyelash curler.

Colorescience On The Go Brush Kit contains for facial makeup brushes. They are very high quality and they travel well in the compact bag. These brushes are excellent for applying Colorescience makeup and skincare products. They are versatile and precise. Tip: Clean brushes often. These brushes eminence brushes withstand many washes and uses.

Colorescience Brush Cleanser is the cleanser we recommend for cleaning all your cosmetic brushes. This cleaner also contains tea tree oil, which will help those who have acne or combination skin. If you have an infection or acne, clean the brushes after each use. Sometimes using the same brush everyday without cleansing will create more debris on the skin and cause acne breakouts.

DuWop Beauty Blade is an all-in-one eye and lip pencil sharpener. This is great to have all of your sharpening needs in one tool. Cosmetic sticks for eyeliner, eye shadow, and lips come in different sizes; some are thin and some are thick. Now, it won’t matter. One side of the sharpener is for thicker cosmetic pencils, while the other side provides sharpening for the thinner ones. It is inconvenient to have multiple pencil sharpeners in a cosmetic bag, so consider downsizing your sharpening needs in your bag.

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray sets makeup so it won’t run during the day, even in rain and humidity. It keeps the makeup colors stable and lasting longer. It’s oil-free so it won’t interfere with acne prone skin types. This finishing spray will also keep your cosmetics lasting longer because you won’t need to reapply makeup throughout the day.

These are the perfect additions to any cosmetic bag. has found the best cosmetic tools to assist you in your health and beauty needs.

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