manicure ManicureManicures compliment pretty hands. Sometimes it is difficult maneuvering manicure tools, such as cutting cuticles with your non-dominant hand. Doing a manicure at home is simple and affordable. It only takes a couple of staples, using some of the finest skin care products available. These products should last quite a while, and the cosmetic tools have a lifetime guarantee. Here is a step-by-step approach to an easy, hassle-free manicure.


Remove any nail polish with Barielle Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover. It is non-drying and contains Vitamin E. We like the easy to use pump and the pleasant scent. Use this nail polish remover both under and over the top of the nail. This way, it will remove dirt and other impurities, while offering both sides of the nail with Vitamin E. It lasts longer and removes the polish quicker than other brands.


Barielle 60 Second Manicure is an instant manicure. There isn’t a need to cut cuticles. The Dead Sea salts and essential oils slough off dead skin cells on your hands, and it works as a cuticle remover. There is no need to have an awkward non-dominant hand maneuvering the cuticle cutter. You can use this in between manicures to keep the hands and nails healthy, making it easier for each manicure. Keeping the hands soft and healthy looking is one of the ways to keep a manicure lasting longer.

Now that your hands and nails are clean and soft, we can use the tools we need to perfect our nails.


Tweezerman Manicure Solution Kit is a one of a kind manicure set. It contains all of the tools you need to trim nails, cut hangnails, file, clean, and polish. Trim your nails if you must, but filing them down is better for the nail. Cutting your nails can damage or weaken the nail, but only cut if you must. After using Barielle 60 Second Manicure, there shouldn’t be too much cuticle to push back. If any cuticles still need the extra help, push them back with a wooden manicure stick this kit provides. Use the shape/shine buffer to remove any dust from filing, and smooth out nail ridges. Now, you can prepare for polishing.


Trind Nail Balsam is the first treatment your nails need before applying any polish. It is rich in moisture, oil-free, and mimics the nails own moisture structure. Many nail strengtheners lack the needed moisture your nails need. This is not only a strengthener, but also a fast drying moisturizer specifically made for the nails.


Barielle Clearly Noticeable Nail Thickener is the next application thicker, healthier nails. This works under or over any nail polish, and you can use it as a stand-alone natural looking polish if you wish. The nail thickens and you will see those results during the manicure after you remove the polish. Your nails will no longer be brittle and you will be able to see the healthy pink color your nails should be.


Trind Quick Dry is perfect to speed up polish drying. Usually a minute or two will set the color, but we recommend waiting a little longer. The drying time is one of the fastest for the polish dryers we have tested.

Manicures are simple and fun. It’s amazing to see the transformation of a brittle, weak nail to a thick, deathly one after a week or two of nail treatment. The nail treatments we recommend have amazing results, and manicures last longer.

At, we bring you the best skin care products available for your hands and nails. We bring you the best skin care tips, and only recommend the best performing skin care products, so only the best is delivered to you.

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