Bruises are temporary skin imperfections. Most of them heal within two weeks in a healthy person. Sometimes bruises take a little longer in those with health relation problems. Sometimes bruises can be fatal. Let’s take a look at what causes bruises and see if there are any underlining medical problems you need treated.

A bruise, also called a contusion, is an injury to biological tissue in which the capillaries are damaged, allowing blood to seep into the surrounding tissue. It is usually caused by blunt impact. Bruises often induce pain but are not normally dangerous. Sometimes bruises can be serious, leading to other more life threatening forms of hematoma, or can be associated with serious injuries, including fractures and internal bleeding. Minor bruises may be easily recognized, in people with light skin color, by their characteristic blue or purple appearance in the days following the injury.

Sometimes bruises may occur on patients with platelet or coagulation disorders. Unexplained bruising may be a warning sign of serious medical problems, such as leukemia, an infection, internal bleeding, or cancer. A deficiency in Vitamin C can also make a person more susceptible to bruises. In addition, bruising occurs in long-term glucocorticoid therapy can cause easy bruising.

A bruise is also called a contusion, and it forms because the soft tissues of your body have been bumped. Some people bruise easily, whereas others may have tougher skin tissue.

When these soft tissues are injured, small veins and capillaries under the skin sometimes break. Red blood cells leak out of these blood vessels. These red blood cells that collect under your skin cause that bluish, purplish, reddish, or blackish mark. That’s where black-and-blue marks get their name – from their color under the skin.

Bruises go through colorful changes as the body begins to heal itself. The color changes mean that your body is metabolizing, or breaking down, the blood cells in the skin.

Most bruises will disappear after 2 weeks, and some go away even sooner. However, if a bruise does not go away after 2 weeks, get in touch with your doctor.

Here are some top rated skin care products for those who need to cover and treat bruises. If you bruise easily from medications or lifestyle, you will find these to be a great addition to you cosmetic bag or medicine cabinet.

Donell Super Skin K-Derm Gel is great for oily skin, and is loaded with vitamin K and arnica extract. This cream is also good for those with Rosacea. This is great for those who have dark pigment skin imperfections such as dark circles, bruises, spider veins, and broken capillaries. If you are one who suffers from broken capillaries around the nose, neck, or chest area, this is excellent for treating those. The algae extract and St. John’s Wort helps the body to heal faster and make you feel better.

Donell Super Skin K-Derm Cream is reliable for those who have just had surgery. Those painful bruises will need the help of this cream. In addition, Donell Super Skin K-Derm is great at fighting spider veins, and broken capillaries, commonly found on the chest and neck area. Physicians highly recommend this one for those who just had laser treatment or other cosmetic procedure.

Jack Black Eye Balm Age Minimizing Gel is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Its potent Vitamin C not only helps to repair the bruise, but also helps to prevent them since a lack of Vitamin C causes bruises. The vitamins and extracts are potent enough to fight dark circles and black eyes. It also offers critical moisture and the chamomile helps calm the skin and your senses. It has no fragrant or color and it should last quite a while.

Dermablend Leg and Body Cover Buff is perfect for covering bruises on any area of the body. It is the most reliable brand on the market to hide bruises and other dark-pigmented skin conditions. When your bruises clear up, the Dermablend will be useful for other accidents in the future.

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