Climate Skin Care

Skin plays the most important role in protecting our body. Climate changes, season changes, and travel can wreck havoc to your skin and your regular skin care regime. Sometimes your favorite skin care products do not work when climate changes occur. Sometimes, they will work better. This depends on a number of factors such as how severe the weather or climate changes, your skin type, and how long you have used your skin care products. Sometimes your current storing solutions for your skin care products can give a similar effect to climate changes for your skin.

Colder months can dry out your skin. The indoor heat, wind, cold, and habits play a role in cold seasons or cold climate changes. Sometimes during the cold and flu season, we are given a new set of skin woes such as those delicate, red, and irritated areas around the nose from constant tissue use.

Skin Care in Colder Climates

Colder climates make skin prone to the chills, wind, and winter indoor heating. It isn’t only our faces that are affected by the harsh weather conditions from cold climates or seasons. ATOPALM is one of the best kits available today to combat dryness and chapped skin for every area of our body. This kit mimics our on skin’s natural barrier, repairing and protecting from the inside out. This kit looks like a travel kit, and does travel well because it is excellent in any climate, but the kit contains full size products. There is not a product better for the winter blahs, ski trips, and those long winter days stuck indoors. The dry flaky skin will disappear within minutes of use, and the results will continue long after they are applied, because it repairs skin for the long haul.

Skin Care in Warmer Climates

Finding a skin care product for warmer climates or seasons is a little more challenging. Although ATOPALM is the best choice for all climates and seasons, sometimes we may want something invigorating and refreshing during the warmer months. For those who do not prefer heavy creams to protect from the damaging effects of the sun, but still need the moisture, then L’Occitane Green Tea Leaf Light Body Gel is perfect. This way, if you experience acne, you will not promote further breakouts, and if you experience dry skin, this is perfect for balancing that out too. This gel is an all around perfect choice for those visiting, living, or adapting to a warm climate or warm season.

Traveling Skin Care Needs

Sometimes, hope really isn’t enough. We can’t be sure our plane arrives on time, or our vacation to the islands is hotter than what was expected. Some climate conditions cannot be predicted or anticipated no matter how hard we plan. In the case of traveling, Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough Capsules is the perfect choice for this. These” capsules protect in any climate condition, they are oily free, yet moisture potent. The capsules travel well, and are easy to apply, whether we are on the plane, or stuck in a cab.

Another good skin care product for climate change and traveling is Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough Cream SPF 20 If you are visiting a sunny climate or a polluted climate, this is an excellent skin care product for those climates. This cream protects your skin from environmental factors and gives you the SPF that you need in those zones. In addition, this skin care treatment prevents sun damage and has anti aging properties as well. This is a super choice for major metropolitan cities with lots of sunshine.

All in One Skin Care

MD Formulations Moisture Defense Antioxidant Spray is the perfect all around spray for those who want light moisture, protection barrier, and can be worn under or over makeup. The added bonus of having a skin care product that can be worn under or over makeup make this a great product for travel, but for those winter days we are stuck indoors with no need to wear makeup. It takes the hassle out of adding or eliminating any of our chosen skin care products, making it a versatile choice for the climate blahs and hurrahs.

Additional Tips in Climate Control

Storing your skin care products in the car or in the bathroom can have a profound effect on your skin care products. Humidity and other temperature factors will deactivate some ingredients or change the composition.

Evian Spray Trio is a great buy, and is a great addition to your purse, luggage, or top desk drawer. Evian water sprays can make a difference in how well your skin care product performs. Sometimes just a splash of Evian water reactivates the ingredients in your skin care treatments. These cans come in full size and trial size, perfect for getting your current skin care product working and revamping anytime, especially in times of travel.

At, we search for the best skin care products available on the market that are climate friendly for your skin type and weather conditions.

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