Combination Skin Care

Combination skin care is a little tricky treat, but it is the healthiest skin care program for our skin and overall well-being. The ingredients required to treat combination skin are natural, non-invasive, and pH balancing. Combination skin types need skin care products that meet all of the skin’s requirements. This includes treating acne and oily areas in combination with treating dry, flaky skin. Natural products are necessary for treating this skin type.


It is unnecessary to buy several different cleansers or treatments for combination skin types. It is important to find a gentle cleanser with ingredients known to balance Ph levels that combat both oily and dry skin. Using natural ingredients for combination skin types are the most effective ways to combat the necessities of this special type of skin condition. It is like bringing homeostasis to all layers of the skin for every area of the face.

A good cleanser with natural products like lemon peel oil and eucalyptus oil are some of the ingredients that are exceptional in combating combination skin. This allows the skin to get the moisture for dry areas, while neutralizing the oily areas. In addition, eucalyptus oil is refreshing and invigorating, improving your mood and overall well-being. Try Caudalie Purifying Concentrate for those needed ingredients. Your skin will thank you.

Caudalie Purifying Mask is a perfect cleanser for combination skin types that have been neglected. The directions recommend three times per week for combination skin types, but if you are just jump-starting a skin care program for combination skin, this is the perfect way start. This eliminates the need for additional toners or other after-cleansing skin care products.


Do we really need to exfoliate in the oily areas? Dead skin cells are everywhere on our face. It is prominent on dry areas because the lack of oil does not adhere to the skin cells to the face. Instead, the dead skin cells on the dry areas begin to flake and are more noticeable. All areas of the face need exfoliation. Try exfoliating the dry areas a few more seconds than you do the oily areas. Spending too much time exfoliating the oily area of combination skin can result in inflammation and further irritation. This leads to more acne and other skin abrasions. June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque is the best exfoliating mask for any skin type, making it perfect for oily and dry skin. The natural moisture from pumpkin, yet the powerful exfoliation from June Jacobs Perfect Pumpkin Peeling Enzyme Masque, makes it one of the most used exfoliating masks and beauty secrets of the stars.

Sun Protection

Sun Protection for combination skin is tricky too. When enjoying the sun, the dry areas become dryer and this leads to other skin conditions. Sun protection with too much oil could cause acne in oily areas. It is important to use natural ingredients that moisturize without clogging pores. Skin care products that specialize in sun protection provide moisture and SPF. A non-oily SPF is important in your choice of sun protection. If you have combination skin and sun damage, a good product to try is PCA SKIN pHaze 20 Silkcoat Balm. Rave results come from PCA SKIN pHaze 20 Silkcoat Balm skin care product, showing a decrease in pore size while protecting the skin from sun damage. This is important because oily skin tends to have larger pores. Combating both large pores and sun protection, make this the perfect skin care treatment for combination skin.


Moisture is important for combination skin. Careful attention to the ingredients for this skin type is important. Treating the oily areas with oil may only agitate the acne prone areas. ATOPALM MLE Face Cream is the perfect moisturizer for any skin type because it mimics your skins natural barrier function. This skin care product will repair your skin in sync with your skin’s natural ability to moisturize, protect, and repair. The ingredients and benefits of ATOPALM MLE face cream is the most successful moisture product for any skin type and will not interfere with your other combination skin needs. Balance, natural, and relief are the needs for combination skin and ALTOPALM MLE face cream will be the only choice of moisturizer that you can rely on now and if your skin type changes in the future. It is a brand you can trust, no matter what skin type or skin cycles you go through.

All in One

A powerful product to use for combination skin is Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel. This has the special ingredients that work to control oil, yet give intense treatment to dry areas without clogging the pores. The fruit extracts are the perfect way to combat combination skin conditions. This product may even reduce the need to use regular skin care products as much. For instance, if your cleanser or other skin care product suggests using it twice a day, you may be able to use your cleanser or skin care product once a day. Because of the deep clean, repair, exfoliation, and balancing moisturizing effect, this is the perfect way to reduce your costs and hassle with your combination skin care program.

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