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Bearberry for the Skin

uvaursi Bearberry for the Skin

Historically, Bearberry has been one of the most successful treatments of urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and a host of other illnesses. Bearberry is a powerful tonic for the body, and its antiseptic properties are excellent for the skin as well. Bearberry is one of the many ingredients that are becoming more prominent in skin care products today. Cosmetic companies are seeing the need to create skin care products with natural ingredients to fight skin conditions and offer safer alternatives, especially for those with sensitive skin and allergies.

Common antiseptics like witch hazel are still widely used today to treat wounds, acne, and other skin conditions. Natural resources like herbs and berries were the only form of medicinal or cosmetic treatment available. Now, these natural enhancements are making way to today’s mainstream cosmetics. These cosmetics happen to be the most successful product lines available to combat a variety of skin conditions.

One of the little known secrets to bearberry is the hypopigmenting component. This component has a whitening effect on the skin, making bearberry perfect for those want to treat freckles, age spots, or vitiligo. Used alone, bearberry can dramatically change the tone and color of the skin. Because of the powerful whitening effects, bearberry is combined with other ingredients in cosmetics to have a subtle effect on the skin. This way, the bearberry will be mild enough to lighten problem areas without overbleaching. Used regularly, bearberry can remove the most stubborn pigmented areas of the skin.

Another benefit to the potent properties of Bearberry is the bacteriostatic action that works against Staphylococci, the staph responsible for the MRSA superbug. Any skin care product with Bearberry may also help the fight against the superbug, in addition to the other benefits for the skin.

Bearberry also increases the cell turnover rate and it is an excellent antioxidant. It works to fight free radicals, preventing additional skin conditions, and works as a natural sunscreen.

Too much sun exposure can cause skin cancer, and the first sign of skin cancer is the presence of melanoma, usually in the form of freckles, age spots, and moles. Bearberry can reverse the damage from the sun, and may very well play a role in the prevention of skin cancer.

Various studies have concluded the benefits and the risks of using sunscreen. Dermatologists only look at the skin, so they are going to recommend using a sunscreen. While sunscreen may block out the sun’s rays, it will also block out the needed Vitamin D component, the same component responsible for the prevention of breast and other cancers. It may seem like a catch 22, but keep in mind that natural ingredients like bearberry will let you have your cake and eat it too. With Bearberry, you can enjoy the sun, reverse the signs of sun damage, and protect against further damage of the sun.

Bearberry, like any other herb or medicinal remedy, is not allergy-free for everyone.

Freckles, Age Spots and Sun Damage

freckles Freckles, Age Spots and Sun DamageThere are two causes of freckles: genetics and sun damage. Some have a hereditary tendency to freckle. Those who have a hereditary tendency to freckle will freckle easily after exposure to the sun. This is why it is important to use a sunscreen; because of the hereditary tendency, you already have, in addition to the sun damage that occurs naturally from the sun.

Freckles are beautiful. Modeling agencies look for models that have freckles. They have long been known to be a sign of beauty. However, some see freckles as a problem. In fact, some freckles could be signs of future skin cancer. Keep an eye on freckles to see if they grow or have unusual shapes to them. Meanwhile, we have solutions for those with natural freckles and those freckles from too much sun damage. First, we will discuss what freckles are and how we can remove them.

The sun and sun-tanning beds emit ultraviolet (UV) rays. After exposure to sunlight, the outer layer of the skin thickens and the pigment-producing cells in the skin produce the pigment melanin. Freckles are the clusters of concentrated melanin.

For those who have a hereditary component to obtain freckles, the cause is in the presence of the melanocortin-1 receptor MC1R gene.

People differ how their skin will react to sunlight. Many of those in their forties will recognize the damaging effects of too much sun exposure as freckles increase over the face and other parts of the body, particularly shoulders, chest, and back.

Freckles will also reappear if you alter or neglect freckle or sun damage treatment. People with freckles usually have a lower concentration of photo-protective melanin and are therefore more susceptible to the harmful effects of UV-radiation.

It’s easier to prevent freckles than it is to treat them. Today we will offer you skin care products that have proven to reduce or eliminate them. One powerful laser treatment used at home can rid of freckles faster than topical creams. Depending on the location of the freckles, the intensity, and how fast you want them removed will determine the course of treatment you should take. We at will provide you the topical treatments and other home laser treatments to help you combat the unwanted freckles, sunspots, and other melanin related spots.


SAMPAR White Velvet Cleanser is a great choice for starting a skin care regime for those who want to remove freckles and other sun damage. This cleaner has unique properties such as Citrus bioflavonoid, and natural extracts that function similarly to hydroquinone. They diffuse the freckles rather than having to bleach them. This is a potent cleaner that is particularly effective with those who have facial freckles. Tip: Use the cleaner and let your face air dry. This way the cleanser’s properties are not patted off with a towel.

Peter Thomas Roth Potent Botanical Skin Brightening Gel Complex has bearberry and mulberry extracts, anti-oxidant vitamin C, and 2% hydroquinone lotion. The ingredients in this brightening gel complex will not only combat your freckles, but it is also excellent for other scars and skin imperfections. Bearberry and mulberry extracts act like a skin bleach in this gel. The results are amazing.

Donell Super Skin Super Sun Care is the perfect skin treatment to use after Peter Thomas Roth Botanical Skin Brightening Gel Complex. It works as a treatment and sunblock. The properties will help bleach the freckles while protecting you from the sun with a SPF of 20. It is excellent protection and treatment in one.

MaMa Lotion is a gel like lotion that contains malic acid. This is a powerful approach to ridding of freckles. Malic acid is derived from apples and has glycolic properties. Within weeks, you should notice a reduction in freckles and age spot. Tip: Because this is a potent treatment, use moisturizer after the MaMa lotion dries.

Ageless Beauty Marvel Mini Green is a laser home treatment to rid of freckles. This laser is the same approach a dermatologist would use. Use this laser as directed. Within two months, you should see a significant difference in even skin tone. This laser can be used on the chest and neck area as well. Why spends hundreds or thousands of dollars at the dermatologist when you can have the laser treatment at home?

CoverBlend Concealing Treatment Makeup-SPF 20 Bisque is a great way to cover up sun damage, freckles, and other spots. It also has a sun protection factor, protecting you from further damage from sun exposure. This is light, healthy, and protective makeup coverage.

At, we seek out effective and safe products you can buy to rid of freckles, age spots, and sun damage.