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Body Brushing For Optimum Skin Care

body brushing Body Brushing For Optimum Skin CareBody brushing is one of the most economical and efficient ways to bring out the best of your skin. It also brings out the best of your hard working skin care products. Body brushing is good for everyone, including those with sensitive skin. Even babies can enjoy body brushing, with specially made fine brushes for their gentle skin.

Dry brushing will boost circulation; it pushes the body’s ability to eliminate toxins through the lympathac system. This elimination process helps break down fatty pockets, responsible for cellulite.


By a body brush that is firm. Be sure it is not scratchy or too uncomfortable. Choosing a dry brushing product is a personal choice. Some of the types of body brushing products available are loofahs, sisal mitts, long handled brushes, and hand held bristle brushes. Available dry brushing products Use a loofah, sisal mitt, or long handled brush. Choose one that you feel most comfortable using or holding.


Make upward, sweeping movements, starting at your feet. Work up to your legs, thighs, buttocks, stomach. Go gentle on the thighs and stomach area. Brushing too hard on your thighs may break tiny blood vessels and create broken veins or capillaries.

Then move onto your breasts, shoulders, and arms. Remember to work towards the heart. Concentrate on your elbows, and use gentle strokes on your breasts. Choose a long handle body brush for your back. Your back is one of the most neglected areas on our body. Your back needs skin care products just like the rest of your body.

If you have sensitive skin, wet the mitt and use it in the bath or shower with a natural soap or soap free cleanser. The water reduces the friction of the body brush so it will minimize any damage.


Consider body brushing on a daily basis. Those who dry brush regularly do not have a problem with cellulite. Although we know that every woman has cellulite, whether they can see it or not, those who dry brush do not have middle or higher levels or “grades” of cellulite. Those who only occasionally dry brush do not see the benefits of a reduction in cellulite or overall radiant skin tone. Fit dry brushing into your daily routine and you will see a big difference on your skin, and feel the increase energy and vitality in your body.


After dry brushing, take a bath or shower to rinse off the dead skin cells that are lying like dust on the top of your skin. Some of the “dust” on the skin is obvious of the dead skin cells brushed off, but some of the skin cells and other debris cannot be seen with the naked eye. Use a mild soap or an awakening body wash like peppermint or any other mint. It is invigorating and intoxicating.

After a shower, try a cellulite body cream or oil. This is when the cellulite product works best. Since the skin is already invigorated after the body brush, your skin is working in overdrive right now. The blood is circulating and your dead skin cells have been brushed off. Any skin care product applied after a dry brushing regime will increase the potential benefits of your skin care product.

For dry brushing on a baby’s skin, try a baby hairbrush used only for the baby’s body. This way you control the spread of germs. A baby’s hairbrush is made of fine bristles, gentle enough for them, and it works very well on their bodies. You may get a few giggles from your baby doing a dry brush so they will have even more benefits!


cellulite1 CelluliteCellulite is a woman’s nightmare. Although it occurs in men and women, women seem to get the worst end of it. Estrogen is one of the causes of cellulite, so women are more prone to the skin condition. In addition, women’s skin is thinner than a man’s is, so the dimpled orange peel is more obvious on women than it is on men.

Practically all post-pubescent females display some degree of cellulite. Cellulite is not related to being overweight; average and underweight people get cellulite too. Smoking, lack of exercise, tight clothes, high fat diet, and stress play a role in cellulite formation. At, we are going to take some stress out of finding skin care products to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Clinicians grade cellulite according to the appearance. The severity is often determined by a grade level. Most adolescent girls have cellulite, but it is not noticeable or obvious. This is lower grade cellulite, given a grade of level 1. The next three levels are grade 2 when cellulite is only visible when moving or flexing a muscle, grade 3 when cellulite is obvious without movement or flexing muscles, and the final grade at obvious cellulite with no movement and some pain associated with it.

Collagen makes the skin appear younger and makes the skin appear to be a lower grade of cellulite. For instance, if you have cellulite that you can see when your muscles are relaxed, you have a higher grade of cellulite, but using collagen will help you look younger and smoother, moving your grade of cellulite level down.

Hydroxy acids are good for skin renewal, making skin appear fresher and stronger. This can reduce the appearance of cellulite. Basil can help with the pain associated with the higher grade level of cellulite.

Butcher’s broom is a plant native to the Mediterranean region. Its spines were once popular in the making of brooms, which is where it gets its unique name. Extracts from the roots of this plant seem to have the ability to strengthen and tone blood vessels, which is why it is a popular treatment for varicose veins and hemorrhoids in Europe.

Peter Thomas Roth Ultimate Body Sculpting Slimming Gel contains Butcher’s Broom and it’s loaded with vitamins. It also stimulates the production of collagen. For those who suffer from skin conditions like varicose veins and cellulite, this is a top product to combat these.

Fake Bake Skinny Solution has marine extracts, lactic acid, and caffeine. It softens and repairs the skin, while stimulating blood flow to the area. Fake Bake Skinny Solution is a great solution to those who want a nice summer glow but don’t want to bare a bikini body. This skin care product gives a natural looking tan without the orange look, while it repairs cellulite prone areas.

Institut DERMed Body CelluliteRx LipoTherm Contour Cream has mighty ingredients like Wild Yam Extract, Niacin (Vitamin B3), Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3 & 6), Gurana Seed Extract, Acetyl Carnitine, Rosemary Leaf Oil, and Geranium Oil. Every single one of these ingredients has proven to give excellent results in reducing the appearance of cellulite and overall skin condition.

Rodial Body Sculpture is loaded with vitamin C, lavender, and lemonine. Vitamin C has collagen producing effects and studies have shown that limonene has anti- cancer effects. Lemonine increase the levels of liver enzymes involved in detoxifying carcinogens. We at highly recommend this one.

Bliss Slimulatoris a hand-held tool that you can use alone or with regular bath and shower gel. In addition, any kind of essential oils will help smooth the Bliss Stimulator over the cellulite prone area and the oils will help the overall appearance of the skin. This is ideal for those who want to bargain shop because it is a long-lasting tool that can be used alone or with any soap, oil, or body cream. Bliss Slimulator will increase the blood flow and stimulate collagen production.

Massage has shown to be very effective in combating cellulite. When using any skin care product or tool, remember to take time to gently massage the area. Be very careful of massaging too hard as this will hurt the capillaries and veins in the skin. As a result, it could injure the skin, making more problems for the skin. Massaging hard can result in varicose veins, bruising, and other conditions. has extensively searched for best treatments to fight cellulite. We hope to bring the best care to you, especially for you.