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Body Brushing For Optimum Skin Care

body brushing Body Brushing For Optimum Skin CareBody brushing is one of the most economical and efficient ways to bring out the best of your skin. It also brings out the best of your hard working skin care products. Body brushing is good for everyone, including those with sensitive skin. Even babies can enjoy body brushing, with specially made fine brushes for their gentle skin.

Dry brushing will boost circulation; it pushes the body’s ability to eliminate toxins through the lympathac system. This elimination process helps break down fatty pockets, responsible for cellulite.


By a body brush that is firm. Be sure it is not scratchy or too uncomfortable. Choosing a dry brushing product is a personal choice. Some of the types of body brushing products available are loofahs, sisal mitts, long handled brushes, and hand held bristle brushes. Available dry brushing products Use a loofah, sisal mitt, or long handled brush. Choose one that you feel most comfortable using or holding.


Make upward, sweeping movements, starting at your feet. Work up to your legs, thighs, buttocks, stomach. Go gentle on the thighs and stomach area. Brushing too hard on your thighs may break tiny blood vessels and create broken veins or capillaries.

Then move onto your breasts, shoulders, and arms. Remember to work towards the heart. Concentrate on your elbows, and use gentle strokes on your breasts. Choose a long handle body brush for your back. Your back is one of the most neglected areas on our body. Your back needs skin care products just like the rest of your body.

If you have sensitive skin, wet the mitt and use it in the bath or shower with a natural soap or soap free cleanser. The water reduces the friction of the body brush so it will minimize any damage.


Consider body brushing on a daily basis. Those who dry brush regularly do not have a problem with cellulite. Although we know that every woman has cellulite, whether they can see it or not, those who dry brush do not have middle or higher levels or “grades” of cellulite. Those who only occasionally dry brush do not see the benefits of a reduction in cellulite or overall radiant skin tone. Fit dry brushing into your daily routine and you will see a big difference on your skin, and feel the increase energy and vitality in your body.


After dry brushing, take a bath or shower to rinse off the dead skin cells that are lying like dust on the top of your skin. Some of the “dust” on the skin is obvious of the dead skin cells brushed off, but some of the skin cells and other debris cannot be seen with the naked eye. Use a mild soap or an awakening body wash like peppermint or any other mint. It is invigorating and intoxicating.

After a shower, try a cellulite body cream or oil. This is when the cellulite product works best. Since the skin is already invigorated after the body brush, your skin is working in overdrive right now. The blood is circulating and your dead skin cells have been brushed off. Any skin care product applied after a dry brushing regime will increase the potential benefits of your skin care product.

For dry brushing on a baby’s skin, try a baby hairbrush used only for the baby’s body. This way you control the spread of germs. A baby’s hairbrush is made of fine bristles, gentle enough for them, and it works very well on their bodies. You may get a few giggles from your baby doing a dry brush so they will have even more benefits!

Cellulite Skin Care Tips

cellulite Cellulite Skin Care TipsWe can take control of cellulite with a few lifestyle changes. If you are devoted to making changes, you should see a dramatic transformation in your skin condition, especially cellulite prone areas, in as little as eight weeks. Here is a solid plan for fighting cellulite.


Recent studies have proven that taking a daily multivitamin may be a waste of time and money when it comes to our health. The studies suggest that we can, and most often do, get the daily vitamin intake with the foods we eat. However, those with specific medical conditions or needs should take one. These studies have shown that it is unnecessary to take a multivitamin for our body’s health, but the studies do not mention the unnecessary notion for our skin’s health. Our skin needs daily vitamins, whether you take it orally or use it topically. Check for the ingredients in your skin care product and see if your skin is receiving those vital vitamins. Dr. Karen Burke, a New York dermatologist, recommends taking 1 to 6g vitamin C daily and 400 IU natural Vitamin E.

healthy foods Cellulite Skin Care TipsFOODS

Eat plenty of fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fish, olive oil, yogurt, eggs, and fresh herbs and spices. Avoid sugar and processed foods. Eliminate margarines, TV dinners, and canned foods from your diet

Celebrity singer Beyonce Knowles follows the Lemon Detox Diet to fight cellulite. We recommend the lemon detox recipe in the morning one hour before breakfast. To use this recipe, combine two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon, two tablespoons of natural maple syrup, and one-tenth of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper. Mix this with an eight-ounce glass of fresh spring water and you will be on your way to fighting cellulite naturally. Here in this diet, you will be getting vitamins and spices known to target cellulite and other skin conditions.

lifestyle Cellulite Skin Care TipsLIFESTYLE

Lifestyle changes are necessary to combat cellulite. If you are not on a regular fitness program, this may be a time to sign up and get involved in a fitness center or sports team. If you are on a regular fitness program, and you still have prominent cellulite, then you may need to change or alter your current program. For those who are just starting a physical fitness program, consult a personal trainer or a fitness staff for a personalized consultation. Most fitness centers offer a one-time personal assessment to get you on a customized plan. Tell them you are experiencing a problem with cellulite and want a program to combat this. They will be happy to help. Remember, both cardio and weight training are imperative to fight

Stress management is also important for fighting cellulite. Relaxing will distress and detoxify the body. Stress buildup contributes to fat. Cortisol is a stress hormone, known as a contributing factor in belly fat. Bring meditation into your daily life, and learn to diffuse negative feelings before it hurts your body and poisons your mind.


Avoid surgery at all costs. Surgery, such as liposuction, may reduce fat, but it will not remove cellulite. It may reduce some cellulite in the liposuction area, but it will not rid of cellulite in that area and it will not rid of cellulite in other non-surgical areas. After surgery, your fat may disappear, but the cellulite may not. Skinny women have cellulite; it is not just a skin condition in overweight women. Genes play a role in cellulite, and even the most prestigious cosmetic procedures and vigorous lifestyle changes won’t completely get rid of cellulite.

Surgery is a temporary fix in removing fat, a fat-prone area.

Dry brushing works best on removing toxins from the fat cells, reducing the orange-peel look. This will also help cellulite products to penetrate the skin.


Lifestyle changes are going to be the most efficient method of reducing or eliminating cellulite. You will need to eat healthy, avoid toxin build-ups, and use skin care products to work on any problem areas that remain after making these changes.

Cures don’t happen overnight. We will not be able permanently cure cellulite. However, we can reduce cellulite dramatically with life style changes and skin care remedies.