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Skin Care for Eczema and Rosacea

eczema and rosacea Skin Care for Eczema and Rosacea


The most common causes of Eczema are untreated skin conditions, dry flaky skin, food additives, and skin care additives. That is why it is important to use natural products for Eczema. The first and primary recommendation for those suffering from eczema should not use detergents of any kind on their skin unless absolutely necessary.


A number of factors cause rosacea. These include, heat, sunlight, severe sunburn, stress, anxiety, cold wind, climate changes, and indoor heating. Foods and drinks can trigger facial flushing. These include alcohol, caffeine, and spicy foods. Sometimes, flashes associated with menopause may bring on a flare-up or even the first onset of Rosacea. Rosacea eye symptoms may include a watery or bloodshot appearance and a dry, itching, or burning feeling. There may be sties present, blurred vision, or sensitivity to light. Left untreated, it could permanently affect your vision. This is why a skin care regime plays a vital role in preventing other health problems, and why skin care is not just an aesthetic necessary, but it is a health and wellness essential.

The two diseases may share some symptoms, but also have many differences. Rosacea is more common in fair-skinned individuals and nearly always affects the face only, causing such signs and symptoms as redness, visible blood vessels, bumps, pimples, and sometimes swelling of the nose from excess tissue. Atopic eczema is more common in individuals with dry skin and can appear in various areas of the body.

ATOPALM Facial Foam Wash is the beginning to healing Rosacea and Eczema. This wash can be used alone or in conjunction with the ATOPALM program. Many users find the wash to be the only product they need. It is gentle on the skin, with no harsh ingredients. ATOPALM face wash is part of the ATOPALM family of skin care products, proven the most effective brand on the market to successfully rid of Rosacea and Eczema, and prevent future flare-ups. This wash is also excellent is any skin type, even those with acne. Tip: Use wash and let face air dry without patting with a towel. The active ingredients penetrate the skin and will not wash or dry off.

ATOPALM MLE Cream is the number one way to treat Rosacea and Eczema. It is also good for those recovering from cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. It incorporates an advanced treatment to allow the skin to repair on its own. It mimics skins natural healing processes, hydrates the skin, and speeds up the skin’s healing process. It doesn’t clog pores, its fast acting, and one of the few skin care products that work long after use. The immediate relief comes after the first treatment. You may feel an immediate calamity on your affected areas, and within the next few days, you should notice a significant change in dry, flaky, itchy, skin, and reduced or eliminated rosy skin flare-ups.

ATOPALM MLE Body Lotion is great for those with Eczema on their body. The ATOPALM MLE Cream is good for the body as well, but the body lotion comes in a bigger size, in a lighter version. It is great for hydration and potential flare-ups. It’s non-greasy and the relief is immediate. Tip: Use the body lotion after bathing, while using the cream for spot treatments or highly affected areas.

All In One

Elon Skin Repair System is a great skin care regime for those with Rosacea and Eczema. If you have dry skin, especially those who have not had a skin care regime, this is a great product to prevent and treat those skin conditions. In addition, the powerful and potent skin repair system is loaded with urea, the most effective treatment for dry, crack heels.

Cover up Rosacea and Eczema

Colorescience Correctors SPF 20 – Mint Condition neutralizes red undertones. It glides on smooth and covers up what a concealer and foundation cannot do. The sun protection factor is high, preventing future sun exposure, opening up another flare-up. Colorescience Correctors SPF 20 also comes in Mint Condition option in addition to Yellow Rose Of Texas depending on your normal skin tone. For those with darker skin tones, the Mint Condition is for you.

Mature Dry Skin Types

dry skin Mature Dry Skin TypesPatience is a virtue for those with mature and dry skin types. Oily and acne prone skin types have a faster cell turnover, repairing skin with quicker results. However, not so for mature and dry skin types. Those with an oily skin type age slower than those with mature or dry skin types do. That is the one of the advantages to having oily skin. Mature and dry skin types have a cell turnover rate of about 8-10 weeks. As we age, it takes our skin longer to repair and renew. It is important to give skin care products for mature and dry skin types adequate time to work.


The first step in a skin care regime for mature and dry skin is a hydrating cleanser. Mature and dry skin need the precious lipids that other cleansers tend to strip away. Sundari Neem and Copper Repairing Cream Cleanser for Dry Skin is cream cleanser that smoothes, tones, and repairs the skin. It is pH balanced, making it one of the best choices for mature, dry, and sensitive skin. Sundari skin care products have a high concentration of botanical ingredients, making it one of the most trusted brands for any skin type.


Exfoliating is important in any skin care program, after an initial cleansing. Cellex-C Betaplex Smooth Skin Complex is a five star solution to pale, lifeless skin. Color and rosy cheeks are something mature and dry skin types lack. Some of the potent ingredients in Cellex-C Betaplex Smooth Skin Complex are alpha hydroxy acids plus beta hydroxy acid extracted from willow bark. Willow bark stimulates new cell formation by sloughing off old skin.


N.V. Perricone Advanced Face Firming Activator is excellent for treating fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen and elastin fibers begin to weaken as our skin ages. This causes wrinkles, and leaves the skin looking less plump, fresh, and healthy. Collagen and elastin molecules are too big to permeate the skin, but some ingredients provide assistance with helping your own skin to produce them. Some of the beneficial ingredients Perricone’s Face Firming Activator are alpha lipoic acid to fight fine lines and wrinkles, and DMAE to tighten and tone the skin. N.V. Perricone M.D. skin care line has been one of the few well-researched products lines available, proven to give faster results in spite of the longer skin turnover time for mature and dry skin types.

Prevent and Protect

Sunscreen is necessary for any skin type at any age, but for mature and dry skin types, Orlane B21 Anti-Wrinkle Sun Cream For Face SPF 15 is excellent for preventing premature aging and it diminishes the appearance of sun-induced wrinkles. For those who have neglected sun protection for years, Orlane Anti-Wrinkle Sun Cream seems to reverse that damage and protects your skin while still enjoying the sun. The results are dramatic. The hydrating complex and vitamin B21 is one of the finest sun protections in skin care products available for mature and dry skin types, especially for those who still want to enjoy the sun.

StriVectin SD is one of the most successful products for mature dry skin, especially for those skin types that regularly wear makeup. StriVectin SD is rich in essential oils that mature and dry skin types need. Mature skin has a tendency to show signs of aging such as freckles, sun damage, and other age spots. StriVectin SD has Bearberry Extract an excellent compound to whiten the skin with regular use. Licorice is another ingredient that prevents new age spots, suppressing melanin formation. StriVectin SD has peppermint oil, good for any skin abrasions, whether it is acne flare-ups, or cracked, irritated skin. It reduces redness and other inflammation. A new addition to the StriVectin SD is the oil free version, great for those mature skin types still having some trouble with acne or other skin flare-ups. In addition, StriVectin SD is also good for those that wear makeup, for all skin types, as it is a smoothing primer, allowing the makeup to lay on the surface of the skin, where makeup belongs.

All In One

Exuviance SkinRise Morning Bionic Tonic is hands down an ultimate in those who want high quality skin care products that perform every function needed for any skin type, in particular for mature dry skin. This morning tonic wakes you up with a fresh scent of eucalyptus oil. This morning pad will cleanse tone, exfoliate, hydrate, and repair all in one. This pad is useful for the eye area as well as the rest of the face. This luxury item eliminates the need to buy multiple products for those mature and dry skin types. It is especially brilliant for those that do not suffer from specific skin conditions that need extra attention. provides the tried, true, and tested products available for any skin type. For mature and dry skin types, these are the most powerful products available now.